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Spring “in the Making” Here at HHC

Spring has finally arrived!!  With it has come the green grass, tree buds and growing hay in the farm field outside my at-home office/craft area window.  I’m so glad Spring has finally come because I have finally unpacked a majority of our boxes from our move and I am ready to breath a fresh new life into my blog as well as my Crafting and Mary Kay businesses!!

If you check out my Heartfelt Home Creates shop on Etsy (here) and on Facebook (here), you’ll be sure to find links to and pictures of the Easter- and Spring-themed wreaths and other products I just made over the past 2 weeks.  It was so nice finally being able to have my own crafting/office space again, thanks to the custom shelf built for me by my husband so that I may have my own little corner of the house to some of my supplies while at the same time sectioning off my own area from the kids’ new play room. For those of you that have your own work space or at-home office space, I’m sure you can completely relate and share in my excitement!

Aside from my crafting business, I have also been able to restart my Mary Kay business!  I have even created a Facebook page (here) for it so that I can connect with my customers, old and new alike, in addition to emails. I love finding new ways to connect with people!

But enough of the “self-promotion”, that’s not why I am writing this post. Instead, I’d like to just jot down some of my blogging and crafting to-do list items.  First off, I just finished reading a great inspirational book about a Christian single mom who, against many odds and obstacles, accomplished so much — it was great! I don’t want to say much more since I will be writing a review of this book in an upcoming post, so in the meantime I hope that you will check back over the course of the next day or two so that you can read more about it!!

In other news, I have been busy crocheting and crafting up some new fabric squares wreaths.  I am excited that this month marked my 2-year anniversary of my shop on Etsy! Right now I am focusing on Easter and Spring- inspired items, and I’ve been having a lot of fun creating them!! So far I’ve made about5 wreaths, as well as egg cozies, bibs, hats, placemats, washcloths (and I have a lot more ideas in my head waiting to be made!).  I think the spring weather we’ve been blessed with here is playing a key roll in energizing my creative side. (*smile*)

As far as blogging goes, I’m looking forward to trying new recipes and sharing them with you. I won’t be able to post recipes weekly like I have in the past since most of my time is now spent keeping up with our two little ones, but I am eager to get a few posts in soon!  There are also quite a few books I have on my “to read and review” list that I am anticipating sharing with you. I was hoping to write some gardening posts, but unfortunately I am unable to have my lovely garden in our new home.  I’m trying to find a way to remedy that, perhaps with a garden in flower pots… I haven’t quite figured that out yet, so if anyone has suggestions on how I can have my veggie garden in our new home (where I can grow tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce and such) I’m all up for suggestions!!

Well, I hate to end this rather spuratic and random post so quickly, but my little ones are in need of this Mommy’s attention. With that being said, I hope you enjoy the rest of the evening and will check back soon as I retake my blogging by storm!  🙂


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There’s Been a lot of “Crafting” Going On!

Hello!  I can’t believe it’s been So Long since I’ve last written a post for my blog!  It’s actually quite embarrassing for me since I love to blog and write my little day-in-my-life tidbits.  There’s been a LOT going on around here, so let me update you with my current life craziness!!

Crocheted Snowman Ornament

My little family has moved to the southern end of the state, in the middle of the country.  It’s a big change for our little guy, who has only ever known our previous home set in a town.  Now he can look out his bedroom window and see the horses grazing on the farm across the road. It’s a nice, positive change though, and I’m looking forward to next summer when I can sit in our yard and enjoy the view of the neighbor’s farm or the horses while I crochet or read.

A lot more changes have come our way since moving other than just the landscape.  We’re living in a home significantly smaller than the last one, so I’ve spent most of my time making our furniture “fit” and moving our belongings around to areas where they seem to work best.  I’m excited about the finished attic area that we have. It’s perfect for an office/crafting area for my husband and I, as well as a family room/play room for our children to enjoy without having to clutter up our small living room with toys and our other things.  I’m hoping to tackle this upstairs area in the very near future so that we can start making good use of it right away! Besides, I’m itching to have my own crafting space again!  Which leads me to my next topic…

I’ve been a crafting machine since we’ve moved, and believe me I’m not complaining! I’m loving it!! I’ve already participated in a craft fair and am signed up for a week-long event for next week.  I’m excited to get back into crafting mode and have found it to be good therapy in the midst of the adjusting from the move, my need to unpack and reorganize everything, as well as adjust to my husband’s new work schedule while caring for our 2 wonderful children (who are under the age of 4).  Lots of adjusting! But thankful for my crafts and recent orders I’ve received to help me relax!  I’m also looking forward to reading books for review again once I get myself organized and into a better routine. 

So, that’s about it.  Just busy with our new home, our new family schedule, and my crafts.  I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Thank you for reading my post. I am looking forward to sharing with you more of my crafting adventures and other posts!


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Being Crafty in a Patriotic Way

Can you believe that the 4th of July is just around the corner?  I know I can’t!  I keep asking myself, “Where did the month of June go?”  But that’s ok.  I enjoy the 4th of July holiday – a lot! 

Celebrating the 4th of July was always a bit of a “big deal” in my family when I was growing up and I like to think that it still is.  Like most families, we would have a cookout held usually at my Grandparents’ house on my Mom’s side.  Everyone would bring food (my favorite being my Mom’s homemade macaroni and shrimp salad) and I would get to enjoy playing miniature golf on my Grandpa’s 9 hold miniature golf course he had set up in his side yard, or watching my aunts,  uncles, parents, and cousins play intense games of volleyball or badminton in the back of the yard (I was one of the youngest and “too little” to play most times) — all while listening to my Grandpa’s “carousel” or Polka music over the speakers he had strung up around the yard.  Then at the end of the day we would go into the enclosed pavillion my Grandpa had built (complete with 2 restaurant-style booths, a couch, sink, and old-time soda pop ice chest) to enjoy the leftover food for supper, followed by a small fireworks display in the backyard.  Those were some really great times!  I know my Grandpa liked them best because he was surrounded by the family that he loved and to celebrate the country that he loved (he was a WWII veteran, having been one of Merrills Marauders).

Today, I enjoy celebrating the 4th of July with my parents and my own family and making our own memories.  I also enjoy adding a Patriotic touch to the crafty creations I make for my Heartfelt Home Creations shop on Etsy.  While I like to keep some items made for my shop in the “Red, White and Blue” fashion year round, I thought I would list what I currently have for sale in this blog post to make browsing for you a little easier in case you are looking for that special little something for your 4th of July celebration or home decor.  Just click on the pictures below to see their listings.  Plus, don’t forget, if you use coupon code HHC30 at checkout, you will get a discount of 30% off, which also applies to custom orders as well (expires June 30th).

Well, I am off to spend the rest of my day crocheting some more items.  Thank you for letting me share my 4th of July memories with you, and happy shopping!!

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A Dysfunctional Functional Space

Lately this seems to be my routine whenever I walk into my office/crafting area: walk into room, sigh, stare at the dysfunctional layout and somewhat “organized” stuff, sigh again, shake head, grab what I need and get out before I start getting too frustrated.  Do you have a room/space in your home like that?  Well, I do!  Ever since finding out that we will be expecting Baby #2 in September (and YES! we are indeed EXTREMELY excited!!), we had to make some changes to some rooms in our household.  My previous office/crafting area has now become “big brother’s” bedroom so that Baby can move right in to our little guy’s old bedroom (since his room was still painted in the neutral colors to match his ABC baby bedding, crib, and other furniture — all of which we are happily reusing again — we thought it easier to move him into the other room).  

My Half of Cluttered Office


 As a result of all of the recent changes, my office furniture is now crammed into a corner in my husband’s downstairs office area along with boxes and bins of crafting supplies and Mary Kay supplies/products.  Everything is “organized” in a way that I at least know where to find it, however, my small desk where I do my paperwork and weekly project planning has become inadequate for doing any craft work.  I’m actually considering selling it at our next yard sale but, having only just purchased it 2 years ago, am afraid to part with it so soon.  Ideally I would like a long wooden desk — one perhaps that I can find at a yard sale this year, where I can work comfortably on, use my sewing machine, not be afraid of marking up with paint, hot glue, and the like, and that (if possible) would have drawers or other means of storage.  Looks like I’ll have to keep my eyes open during the upcoming weeks/months for a good yard sale find!  In the meantime, I’ll just continue to do my paperwork at my desk, and my crafting at my dining room and kitchen tables.

Wire Shelving Used to Store Yarn and Supplies

Then there is the problem of storage. Ok, maybe not exactly storage problem in the sense that I don’t have things to put my supplies in. I have a wire rack shelving unit that I used in my previous office space that I still keep my yarn on, shoebox-sized storage bins, and that great 3-drawer unit on wheels that I got for FREE at last weekend’s town-wide yard sale.  So obviously the idea of storage is not the problem. I think, rather, that my problem is wanting to have  a good spot for everything without it getting in the way or making me feel crammed.  Right now every inch of wall space has something against it (the room my husband and I share is lined with large windows and the one wall consists of a large archway entrance into the adjoining room, leaving us with only 3 “walls”), and there is virtually no space for much of anything. 

Desk Area and Additional Storage

So….. as a result, I am faced with another road block in regards to what I would consider “functional space”.  If only I could have someone come in like on those room makeover tv shows, that could get inside my head and figure out how to make my “workspace” needs and wants work in this room. Plus, don’t forget, there’s the challenge of letting my husband have his computer desk/work space in the room as well.  AAAhhhhhh!!! 

So, now that I have stated my dilemma and vented about my workspace anxiety,  I HOPE that in the upcoming weeks I will be able to share a sequel to this post that will happily state any productive changes I have made to the downstairs office.  In the meantime, I will continue to make some crafty creations at my dining room and kitchen tables, and crochet and write posts via my laptop from my post on my living room couch.  

Oh, and P.S. — If anyone has any ideas to share, please do!! Thanks!!


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Yard Sale Treasures

Today was the town-wide community yard sale in the neighboring town — an event that is not to be missed by any “yard salers”!  Rain clouds threatened overhead as my friend and I made our way from yard to yard, searching for that great bargain.  And Wow! Did I!!

Wooden Crate filled with Yard Sale Treasures

For less than $6 ($5.75 to be exact),  I managed to find some good items:  a wooden crate, a large hard plastic basket made to look like wood,  a large grapevine wreath, a broom waiting to be decorated and hung on my front door, a basket (similar ones cost at least $5 retail), 2 small grapevine wreaths, and 2 ceramic pumpkin ornaments.   All items I plan on repurposing and either using as storage containers for household items, or revamping and using as some home decor after adding my own personal touch to it.  If I were to get these items at a local craft store, it would have easily cost me a total of … at least $20.00! 

And that’s not all!!!!  Toward the end of the day, I went back to see if some items I had my eye on were still around, and boy am I glad I went back!!  I happened upon family with a yard filled with all kinds of boxes and bins of stuff with the announcement that EVERYTHING but the plastic containers items were placed in was FREE!!  I couldn’t believe my ears! Upon closer inspection of the contents of the boxes and bins ….. well, let’s just say that wooden crate I had purchased from another yard sale today ended up becoming completely filled with treasures that many crafters like myself would appreciate!  AND  yet there’s more!  At 2 other locations I found more goodies:  a large, 3 drawer plastic container I plan on using to store my crafting supplies in, and a wooden chair in great shape that I plan on cleaning up, painting black, reupholstering the seat and using as my new chair for my crafting desk — both for FREE!!

Free Chair to be redone!


So, yep! I would say I made out pretty well today, wouldn’t you?  Just a few reasons why it doesn’t hurt to browse around at some yard sales.  After all, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”!  Happy “yard saling” !  🙂

Free Drawer Unit and a Large Plastic Basket


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Workspace Horror Turned Haven

Do you have that space in your house where you have ideal plans for it, but you never actually get around to making those plans into a reality?  That office space with papers and other “stuff” piling up on top of and around the desk; the kitchen counter space where our mail, children’s art projects and such get tossed to be “dealt with later”?  Sure, we all do.

Well, this past week, I finally decided to tackle my own horror of a space — my at-home office/craft workspace.  Yep, I finally took the plunge!   I couldn’t walk into the room without stepping over boxes and piles of things “to be organized later”, and after having a few new projects added to my to-do list and no workspace to complete them in, I finally said enough was enough!!  Here is a picture of what I was about to deal with:

Workspace Horror

As you can see, things were somewhat organized, yet everywhere all at the same time. Empty boxes from Mary Kay product shipments saved to be re-used for future craft and cosmetic shipments, a basket of yarn for personal and crafting projects to be made, and every other craft item strategically placed so I knew where it was but not in any particular order. WHAT A MESS!!!!!

So how did I deal with it? I cleared off my wire shelves and started placing things in piles — things to keep, things to re-use/repurpose, and things for the trash.  Once I determined what I was to keep (which ended up being most of it, since I’d rather re-use and repurpose something if I can), I then separated and placed things into piles according to purpose and “likeness” — all of the yarn over here, fabric swatches over there, supplies for my handmade ornaments in this pile, and so on and so forth. This allowed me to see exactly what I had and how much storage space I would need for each project/item.  This was a big help for me especially since I am a visual person and need to “see” things in order to picture/plan in my head what my next step will be.

After the piles were completed, I then went searching around the house for storage items that could be re-purposed for my crafting supplies.

Reusing Containers

 I found 2 small cabinets, one that wasn’t being used and the other barely used, as well as some containers of various types that I had thoroughly washed out and planned to repurpose for something “someday”. 

  With these items now moved into the room, the gears in my head started spinning and turning and cranking out ideas! 

BUT, I then hit a road block in my work. Due to lack of still more storage space needed for the rest of my craft supplies, I was still left with a few “piles” that needed homes. SO…… I did some searching in some local stores and found a few inexpensive items!  For just $5.00 total, I was able to purchase shoebox-sized plastic containers as well as 2 ceramic flower pots. Yep! I just typed “flower pots”. What did I want flower pots for?

Flower Pot Storage

Well….. these became holders for my many crochet hooks and craft scissors. If someday I decide not to use them for this purpose, I will be able to use them for their original purpose in the future (another example of how I like to find multiple purposes for things!).  Glass fruit jars became holders for beads and small rocks used for centerpieces and such.  A thoroughly washed, plastic potato chip container became my knitting needle holder.  Again, repurposing and reusing!! 🙂

So, many hours later, my home office/craft workspace finally became a reality!! I can now, once again, see what I have available, get what I need quickly and easily, and work in a space where I’m not feeling claustrophobic!!  Talk about a feeling of accomplishment!

As I bring this post to a close, let me encourage you to take some time this coming weekend to tackle that overcrowded, much-neglected workspace!  Organize, repurpose and reuse things as you go. Once you’re done, you’ll feel a sigh of relief!  After all, it’s not too early to get a bit of a jump start on that spring cleaning!!

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Wreath of the Month ~ St. Patrick’s Day!

 Welcome to month #2 of Heartfelt Home Creations “Wreath of the Month” !!  This month’s wreath, as you can tell by the title of this post, is St. Patrick’s Day themed!!  I am proud to say that this month’s wreath had some extra-special inspiration! Our son, who was born on St. Patrick’s Day, helped pick out which fabrics “Mommy” was to use, and I’m sure you will agree he did a good job helping out!  

Country St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Wreath Measurements and Details:

Close-up of Wreath Fabric

Each wreath is made of 4 yards of fabric, hand cut into squares that are individually attached to a 10″ diameter styrofoam wreath.  The result is a 14″ diameter, material squares wreath created with love and designed to help bring that extra “heartfelt/ homemade” touch to your home decor!  PLUS, all wreaths will be at a DISCOUNTED price of $35.00 + tax (shipping already included in the price!).

How to Order Yours:
 The wreaths are  listed on my Heartfelt Home Creations “fan page“, as well as on my Heartfelt Home Creates Shoppe on Etsy. You can order yours from NOW until March 10th by contacting me using either the “Contact Us” tab on the HHC  ”fan page”, or via my HHC Etsy page.  Be sure to include your name, the name (see picture captions) and quantity of the wreaths you want , as well as your paypal or other email address so that a payment request may be sent to you.  Once payment transactions are complete, your wreath(s) will be made and shipped to you ASAP!  Let me know if you have any questions!

I’m looking forward to sharing the next “Wreath of the Month” with you!!

Blessings for a Wondeful Day!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from HHC !
 *Please note: All orders, payments, and shipments for United States customers only. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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