It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Crochet Time!

Since the beginning of November, crocheting has been wonderful for me in so many ways! Don’t get me wrong, it has always been my favorite crafting activity, but this year crochet has truly been a new(er) blessing in my life!

Reason 1: stress relief. – Many things had been/ have been causing me to become stressed, and my crocheting has been so calming for me!

Reason 2: creative challenge. – I’ve been making animal hats and other various items for my etsy shop and custom order requests without the use of patterns. I have been loving the challenge of creating new animal and color designs to fill the requests I’ve gratefully been receiving!

Reason 3: crochet love. – I love being able to take yarn and a hook, and with my hands create things with love for my little family, other family members, friends, kids and wonderful customers!

Reason 4: financial. – What’s the Bible verse about the woman who works into the night and provides for her family? I truly feel blessed that any crochet creations I have made and can hopefully make for others in the future are/will be helping my little ones have a wonderful Christmas this year. Thank you all so much for allowing that to be possible! It means more to me than you will ever know!!

With that being said, I will end this post so I may finish up a pair of leg warmers for my husband’s grandmother! 🙂



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