About the Author/Creator:
Vanessa Walker is the author and creator of Heartfelt Home Creations.  A former educator, turned work-at-home-mom, Vanessa enjoys spending her time making homemade meals, crafting, gardening, and reading — with the help of her son of course!  When not enjoying her days with her husband and son, this Christian gal can be found crocheting, knitting, sewing and crafting to her heart’s content, making all kinds of handmade items for her Heartfelt Home Creates shop on Etsy… as well as writing new book reviews, product reviews, and fun posts for her Heartfelt Home Creations Blog
So what made this SAHM join the small business and blog world??  She puts it this way: “God gave me these special gifts (writing, cooking, crafting) and an innate desire to share and teach others about them. I look at my blog and craft shop as another window that God has opened for me so I can continue to use my gifts to the best of my ability….. I hope you enjoy my Heartfelt Home Creations Blog and my Heartfelt Home Creates Shoppe!!” ….. And she hasn’t looked back since!

So, whether you’re into crafts, cooking, sharing your day as a Mom, or in need of a crafty gift — connect with Vanessa.  She’d love to hear from you!!

~*~  God Bless!  ~*~


~* Vanessa is also part of the Writing Team as a “Volunteer Writer” for the Homemaking Cottage Blog.  The following are examples of her work:


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