There’s Been a lot of “Crafting” Going On!

01 Dec

Hello!  I can’t believe it’s been So Long since I’ve last written a post for my blog!  It’s actually quite embarrassing for me since I love to blog and write my little day-in-my-life tidbits.  There’s been a LOT going on around here, so let me update you with my current life craziness!!

Crocheted Snowman Ornament

My little family has moved to the southern end of the state, in the middle of the country.  It’s a big change for our little guy, who has only ever known our previous home set in a town.  Now he can look out his bedroom window and see the horses grazing on the farm across the road. It’s a nice, positive change though, and I’m looking forward to next summer when I can sit in our yard and enjoy the view of the neighbor’s farm or the horses while I crochet or read.

A lot more changes have come our way since moving other than just the landscape.  We’re living in a home significantly smaller than the last one, so I’ve spent most of my time making our furniture “fit” and moving our belongings around to areas where they seem to work best.  I’m excited about the finished attic area that we have. It’s perfect for an office/crafting area for my husband and I, as well as a family room/play room for our children to enjoy without having to clutter up our small living room with toys and our other things.  I’m hoping to tackle this upstairs area in the very near future so that we can start making good use of it right away! Besides, I’m itching to have my own crafting space again!  Which leads me to my next topic…

I’ve been a crafting machine since we’ve moved, and believe me I’m not complaining! I’m loving it!! I’ve already participated in a craft fair and am signed up for a week-long event for next week.  I’m excited to get back into crafting mode and have found it to be good therapy in the midst of the adjusting from the move, my need to unpack and reorganize everything, as well as adjust to my husband’s new work schedule while caring for our 2 wonderful children (who are under the age of 4).  Lots of adjusting! But thankful for my crafts and recent orders I’ve received to help me relax!  I’m also looking forward to reading books for review again once I get myself organized and into a better routine. 

So, that’s about it.  Just busy with our new home, our new family schedule, and my crafts.  I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Thank you for reading my post. I am looking forward to sharing with you more of my crafting adventures and other posts!


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