Adding Color

02 Oct

This morning during a bit of quiet time while my little one was napping and her older brother was busy playing with my old Fisher Price Little Peoples sets,  I managed to sneak in a bit of tv time.  I immediately tuned in to one of my favorite tv channels – Create! – and was excited to see that Knit and Crochet Today was on.  During today’s episode (#107) there was a guest who demonstrated a technique I’ve heard about and have seen in patterns but have never taken the time to learn myself — color changing within a pattern of crochet and Intarsia knitting while using bobbins. 

Are you a knitter or crocheter?  Do you shy away from projects that require you to change colors within the pattern or design?  Then, I hope my post will help you tackle that project you’ve been wanting to try but have been avoiding.

After watching the show and becoming inspired once again to attempt to try these techniques on my own, I decided to browse through the world of YouTube to find some how-to videos.  This first video demonstrates how to do some Intarsia knitting:

This second video, although a bit fuzzy and a little fast in demonstrating, was one of the best ones I could find for the color changing in crochet projects:

Since Sundays seem to my “crafting day”, I’m hoping to try out a few basic patterns and designs with these new color changing techniques.  I’m hoping to use them to add more color and design to some scarves, hats and placemats I hope to make in the near future!  I hope these videos are somewhat helpful to you!

Now… if only I can figure out where I packed away my knitting needles.  I knew I shouldn’t have packed them away in our moving boxes so soon…. hmmmm……..

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One response to “Adding Color

  1. lunar

    October 3, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    thankyou for finding the time to release the relevant information i have been searching for,
    great work


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