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26 Aug

Have you ever heard of ?  I know I never had until just last week when I was asked to review the site and give my opinion on it.  Well, let me start out by stating that if you are looking for a safe, educational, and fun online game for your 4 to 7 year old to play, this is a site to bookmark.

As some of you may already know, I have a 3-year-old son who enjoys playing games and has really become fascinated with identifying and learning his letters and numbers, and has become intrigued with the concept of words and reading.  To my delight, Kabongo focuses on cognitive development and skills essential to reading.  Some of these skills include attention and focus, working memory, processing, planning, visualization and comprehension.   Plus to make things even better, each game and level within the site caters to your child’s reading and skills abilities based on your child’s age and performances recorded in your child’s profile (which is extremely easy to set up before beginning play on Kabongo).

So that’s my briefing on the educational aspect of the games on GoGo Kabongo.  Now, for my son’s reaction as well as my opinion of the games/site:

First off, the site is definitely age and skill appropriate for 4 to 7 year olds.  My son did pretty well on most of the games considering his age and the tasks required of him.  His main issue was his inability to move the cursor/arrow on the screen via my computer mouse with the accuracy and speed required of him in order to play such games as Rocket Racer in the Galaxy Garden section (one of two Free “worlds” to choose from) and Crazy Maze in the Twister Top section (a 3rd world that can be enjoyed by your child for just a $5.00 upgrade).  Other than this set-back, my son thoroughly enjoyed the fun monster characters that guide you through the games, the music, and the games themselves.  His favorite games were Design a Door and Photo Safari (which focus on memory skills), as well as Critter Sizer (which focuses on the player’s ability to destinguish between the sizes of a series of animals that stream past on the screen).  I think the reason he enjoyed these 3 games more than the others is because they were easier for him to navigate, they required more interaction, and because they involved patterns, memory and animals.  The graphics and music within all of the individual games and levels also kept his attention, which made me happy because this made it easier to hide the educational purpose behind the games he was playing. He especially enjoyed earning rewards for completing games correctly.  His favorite reward is a virtual sticker to put in his sticker comic book back at the Treehouse (which acts like home base).  Every time he earned a sticker he had to share his delight and feeling of triumph with me — he was so proud!  I enjoyed viewing his progress recorded on his progress report in the parent section of his/our profile. 

Sample Progress Grid

So, overall,  I think GoGo Kabongo is an effective interactive learning tool for kids age 4-7 that need to improve upon or practice their reading and cognitive skills.  It’s fun, it’s colorful, and it’s an online game I don’t mind exposing my child to.  My son’s opinion?  Well, let’s just say he asked me again this morning if he could play Kabongo after breakfast so he could show Daddy the games he can play on Mommy’s computer. I’d say he enjoys it!

*Thank you,, for developing a safe, fun and educational game for young children!*

If you would like to see what GoGo Kabongo is all about visit .  And since it’s “back to school” time, here is a coupon code (see graphic below) for a FREE site upgrade!! 

Happy playing!  (and learning!!)

**Please note: I was only asked to review this website and to give my honest opinion of it. The opinions stated in this post are my own and were in no way influenced by the product provider.
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One response to “Friday Featured Product! ~ GoGo Kabongo Website ~

  1. Mommy Perks

    August 27, 2011 at 9:27 AM

    Thanks for a great review, Vanessa! Kabongo appreciates you taking the time to get to know the site and to use the offerings. The virtual stickers are fun! I’m really pleased that your son asked to play on the site again 🙂 Isn’t the Parent section neat? I love the update/progress charts!


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