Friday Featured Product! ~ “World of Praise” CD ~

20 Aug

Ok, so I know today is Saturday and not Friday, but I didn’t want to wait until next Friday to “publish” this post!!

Today’s “Friday Featured Product” is another cd from Discovery House Publishers & Music entitled World of Praise.  Having enjoyed the Stand Up! Big Band Praise cd I had received for review from Discovery House (see previous post here), I was excited for the opportunity to review another cd for them!

World of Praise cd Discovery House Music

World of Praise cd

World of Praise is not your typical instrumental hymns cd.  This cd features traditional and “newer” hymns played with instruments from countries around the world!  For example, how about listening to What a Friend We have in Jesus as played by instruments from Africa?  I especially enjoyed hearing This Is My Father’s World as played by Persian instruments!  The other hymns feature music from Spain, the Middle East, Ireland, China and more!  It’s like traveling around the world while listening to your favorite hymns!

I believe the thing I enjoyed most about this cd was the fact that I was not only listening to some of my favorite hymns with a different twist, but that I was getting the chance to be exposed to musical instruments from other countries that I might otherwise not have considered attempting to listen to.  I think the wide range of countries and music chosen made the cd even more enjoyable and interesting, as opposed to a cd that perhaps might have only had the hymns featuring instruments from just one or two countries.  I would recommend using this cd to Sunday School or Bible Study groups who want to add a bit of culture to their lessons, even if just used as background music.

Overall, I give a positive review for the World of Praise cd and encourage you to listen to the sound clips given on the Discovery House Publishing and Music site. Thank you, Discovery House, for allowing me to review another one of your great products!

Please note: I was in no way compensated for writing this product review.  I was only given the above  mentioned cd and asked by Discovery House Publishing & Music to write a review, whether positive or negative,  that expressed my honest opinion on their product.

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