Being Crafty in a Patriotic Way

28 Jun

Can you believe that the 4th of July is just around the corner?  I know I can’t!  I keep asking myself, “Where did the month of June go?”  But that’s ok.  I enjoy the 4th of July holiday – a lot! 

Celebrating the 4th of July was always a bit of a “big deal” in my family when I was growing up and I like to think that it still is.  Like most families, we would have a cookout held usually at my Grandparents’ house on my Mom’s side.  Everyone would bring food (my favorite being my Mom’s homemade macaroni and shrimp salad) and I would get to enjoy playing miniature golf on my Grandpa’s 9 hold miniature golf course he had set up in his side yard, or watching my aunts,  uncles, parents, and cousins play intense games of volleyball or badminton in the back of the yard (I was one of the youngest and “too little” to play most times) — all while listening to my Grandpa’s “carousel” or Polka music over the speakers he had strung up around the yard.  Then at the end of the day we would go into the enclosed pavillion my Grandpa had built (complete with 2 restaurant-style booths, a couch, sink, and old-time soda pop ice chest) to enjoy the leftover food for supper, followed by a small fireworks display in the backyard.  Those were some really great times!  I know my Grandpa liked them best because he was surrounded by the family that he loved and to celebrate the country that he loved (he was a WWII veteran, having been one of Merrills Marauders).

Today, I enjoy celebrating the 4th of July with my parents and my own family and making our own memories.  I also enjoy adding a Patriotic touch to the crafty creations I make for my Heartfelt Home Creations shop on Etsy.  While I like to keep some items made for my shop in the “Red, White and Blue” fashion year round, I thought I would list what I currently have for sale in this blog post to make browsing for you a little easier in case you are looking for that special little something for your 4th of July celebration or home decor.  Just click on the pictures below to see their listings.  Plus, don’t forget, if you use coupon code HHC30 at checkout, you will get a discount of 30% off, which also applies to custom orders as well (expires June 30th).

Well, I am off to spend the rest of my day crocheting some more items.  Thank you for letting me share my 4th of July memories with you, and happy shopping!!

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