Friday Featured Product: Seminar from Proactive Parenting

24 Jun

Are you an avid user of “time out” with your preschooler?  Do you find that you have to repeatedly correct an undesirable behavior with your child?  Would you like to try something new that will end the power struggle between you and your child while at the same time having a positive learning experience for your little one?  If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” (or maybe “YES!!!”), then let me suggest the audio seminar I just listened to from Proactive Parenting called “Calm, Firm, Loving Discipline”.


The “Calm, Firm, Loving Discipline” audio seminar is narrated by Sharon Silver, author of Start Reacting Start Responding.  She provides us with 4 simple steps that puts a positive twist to the age-old method (and may I add, very warn out method) of “time out”.  In fact, Sharon even refers to the “time out 2.0” with a new name: the “Remembering Spot”.  According to Sharon, this “remembering spot” gives you a better chance to explain to your child what behavior you would like to see, as well as give your child a chance to think about it and to process or understand what is being expected of him/her.  This takes away the punishing aspect that time out has turned into.  It also puts an end to the power struggle you may be facing with your child.  Along with the explanation of what the Remembering Spot is and how it works, Sharon takes her seminar a step further by providing a few examples/scenarios that demonstrate the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the time out method and the remembering spot method.  I found these examples to be very helpful because, being an applicable learner myself,  it helped me to better understand how the remembering spot would help me to effectively get the desired behavior I want from my 3 year old without either of us hitting our frustration levels.

Sharon Silver of Proactive Parenting


I would enjoy telling you more about what I learned from the “Remembering Spot” seminar (Correcting the Willful Child)  I reviewed from Proactive Parenting, but I think it would be more effective for you if you listened to it yourself.  Sharon also has other seminars available for purchase on the Proactive Parenting site, as well as her book Start Reacting Start Responding.  If you would like to see my previous review on Sharon’s book, you may do so by clicking here, or by visiting my Friday Featured Product/Giveaway page.  


I hope my review was a bit helpful in learning more about what Proactive Parenting has to offer!  Thank you Sharon Silver of Proactive Parenting for allowing me once again to review one of your products.  Also, a Thank You goes out to Mommy Perks and your Reliable Bloggers list, through which Sharon found my blog and  gave me the opportunity for this review.


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One response to “Friday Featured Product: Seminar from Proactive Parenting

  1. Sharon Silver

    June 30, 2011 at 10:53 PM

    Dear Heartfelt Home Creations,

    It’s been a very long, very hot day here in Az and I just read about this fantastic post from MommyPerks. Isn’t she amazing.
    Now, about you.

    Thank you so much for your honest review of what I believe is one of the most helpful seminars I offer! I think this one allows parents to stay connected and be supportive as their child learns, versus being “the punishment guy.” Thanks for letting other parents know this too!
    Thanks for the great review, again!


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