A Dysfunctional Functional Space

18 May

Lately this seems to be my routine whenever I walk into my office/crafting area: walk into room, sigh, stare at the dysfunctional layout and somewhat “organized” stuff, sigh again, shake head, grab what I need and get out before I start getting too frustrated.  Do you have a room/space in your home like that?  Well, I do!  Ever since finding out that we will be expecting Baby #2 in September (and YES! we are indeed EXTREMELY excited!!), we had to make some changes to some rooms in our household.  My previous office/crafting area has now become “big brother’s” bedroom so that Baby can move right in to our little guy’s old bedroom (since his room was still painted in the neutral colors to match his ABC baby bedding, crib, and other furniture — all of which we are happily reusing again — we thought it easier to move him into the other room).  

My Half of Cluttered Office


 As a result of all of the recent changes, my office furniture is now crammed into a corner in my husband’s downstairs office area along with boxes and bins of crafting supplies and Mary Kay supplies/products.  Everything is “organized” in a way that I at least know where to find it, however, my small desk where I do my paperwork and weekly project planning has become inadequate for doing any craft work.  I’m actually considering selling it at our next yard sale but, having only just purchased it 2 years ago, am afraid to part with it so soon.  Ideally I would like a long wooden desk — one perhaps that I can find at a yard sale this year, where I can work comfortably on, use my sewing machine, not be afraid of marking up with paint, hot glue, and the like, and that (if possible) would have drawers or other means of storage.  Looks like I’ll have to keep my eyes open during the upcoming weeks/months for a good yard sale find!  In the meantime, I’ll just continue to do my paperwork at my desk, and my crafting at my dining room and kitchen tables.

Wire Shelving Used to Store Yarn and Supplies

Then there is the problem of storage. Ok, maybe not exactly storage problem in the sense that I don’t have things to put my supplies in. I have a wire rack shelving unit that I used in my previous office space that I still keep my yarn on, shoebox-sized storage bins, and that great 3-drawer unit on wheels that I got for FREE at last weekend’s town-wide yard sale.  So obviously the idea of storage is not the problem. I think, rather, that my problem is wanting to have  a good spot for everything without it getting in the way or making me feel crammed.  Right now every inch of wall space has something against it (the room my husband and I share is lined with large windows and the one wall consists of a large archway entrance into the adjoining room, leaving us with only 3 “walls”), and there is virtually no space for much of anything. 

Desk Area and Additional Storage

So….. as a result, I am faced with another road block in regards to what I would consider “functional space”.  If only I could have someone come in like on those room makeover tv shows, that could get inside my head and figure out how to make my “workspace” needs and wants work in this room. Plus, don’t forget, there’s the challenge of letting my husband have his computer desk/work space in the room as well.  AAAhhhhhh!!! 

So, now that I have stated my dilemma and vented about my workspace anxiety,  I HOPE that in the upcoming weeks I will be able to share a sequel to this post that will happily state any productive changes I have made to the downstairs office.  In the meantime, I will continue to make some crafty creations at my dining room and kitchen tables, and crochet and write posts via my laptop from my post on my living room couch.  

Oh, and P.S. — If anyone has any ideas to share, please do!! Thanks!!


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