Workspace Horror Turned Haven

24 Feb

Do you have that space in your house where you have ideal plans for it, but you never actually get around to making those plans into a reality?  That office space with papers and other “stuff” piling up on top of and around the desk; the kitchen counter space where our mail, children’s art projects and such get tossed to be “dealt with later”?  Sure, we all do.

Well, this past week, I finally decided to tackle my own horror of a space — my at-home office/craft workspace.  Yep, I finally took the plunge!   I couldn’t walk into the room without stepping over boxes and piles of things “to be organized later”, and after having a few new projects added to my to-do list and no workspace to complete them in, I finally said enough was enough!!  Here is a picture of what I was about to deal with:

Workspace Horror

As you can see, things were somewhat organized, yet everywhere all at the same time. Empty boxes from Mary Kay product shipments saved to be re-used for future craft and cosmetic shipments, a basket of yarn for personal and crafting projects to be made, and every other craft item strategically placed so I knew where it was but not in any particular order. WHAT A MESS!!!!!

So how did I deal with it? I cleared off my wire shelves and started placing things in piles — things to keep, things to re-use/repurpose, and things for the trash.  Once I determined what I was to keep (which ended up being most of it, since I’d rather re-use and repurpose something if I can), I then separated and placed things into piles according to purpose and “likeness” — all of the yarn over here, fabric swatches over there, supplies for my handmade ornaments in this pile, and so on and so forth. This allowed me to see exactly what I had and how much storage space I would need for each project/item.  This was a big help for me especially since I am a visual person and need to “see” things in order to picture/plan in my head what my next step will be.

After the piles were completed, I then went searching around the house for storage items that could be re-purposed for my crafting supplies.

Reusing Containers

 I found 2 small cabinets, one that wasn’t being used and the other barely used, as well as some containers of various types that I had thoroughly washed out and planned to repurpose for something “someday”. 

  With these items now moved into the room, the gears in my head started spinning and turning and cranking out ideas! 

BUT, I then hit a road block in my work. Due to lack of still more storage space needed for the rest of my craft supplies, I was still left with a few “piles” that needed homes. SO…… I did some searching in some local stores and found a few inexpensive items!  For just $5.00 total, I was able to purchase shoebox-sized plastic containers as well as 2 ceramic flower pots. Yep! I just typed “flower pots”. What did I want flower pots for?

Flower Pot Storage

Well….. these became holders for my many crochet hooks and craft scissors. If someday I decide not to use them for this purpose, I will be able to use them for their original purpose in the future (another example of how I like to find multiple purposes for things!).  Glass fruit jars became holders for beads and small rocks used for centerpieces and such.  A thoroughly washed, plastic potato chip container became my knitting needle holder.  Again, repurposing and reusing!! 🙂

So, many hours later, my home office/craft workspace finally became a reality!! I can now, once again, see what I have available, get what I need quickly and easily, and work in a space where I’m not feeling claustrophobic!!  Talk about a feeling of accomplishment!

As I bring this post to a close, let me encourage you to take some time this coming weekend to tackle that overcrowded, much-neglected workspace!  Organize, repurpose and reuse things as you go. Once you’re done, you’ll feel a sigh of relief!  After all, it’s not too early to get a bit of a jump start on that spring cleaning!!

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