Friday Featured Product! ~ Stop Reacting and Start Responding™ ~

15 Jan

Do you have days where you have trouble getting your kids to listen?  Do you feel like your house is a whirlwind of chaos without any rule-following, and you just might give up on the whole concept of parenting?  We’ve all had days like that!  But That’s Okay, because thanks to Living My MoMent’s Blogger Reviewer Campaign, I have come across a book that will help us through those tough days!!

 Proactive Parenting™ ‘s Sharon Silver has recently released her book, Stop Reacting and Start Responding™ , and I had the privilege to read and review the e-book version of it!  This wonderful resource is filled with helpful suggestions and quick tips on what to do in all sorts of unpleasant parenting situations.  From the “battle of wills” to how to deal with the “I dunno” excuse,  Sharon shares with us reasons why these issues may come about as well as ways that we can deal with them and correct these unwanted behaviors without the unwanted yelling and frustration. After all, parenting is a learning experience for us and our children!

In her book, Sharon reminds us that parenting doesn’t have to be all about setting forth rules for our children to follow and then punishing them when these rules are ignored or broken.  Punishment is necessary in some cases, but in many instances we need to take a step back, assess the situation, and handle it in a more “correcting” manner.  For example, how many times have you found yourself saying (or in some cases, yelling) to your child, “How many times do I have to tell you not to do that?!” ??  How do we handle this situation? Let me recommend Sharon’s Tips: #29 for Tone of Voice and #5 for Repetition.  I found numerous ideas in this book that will help me with a few “problem situations” I am encountering since my son skipped the “terrible 2’s stage” and is now making up for it as he enters the “terrific 3’s”, haha!

Also, I like the layout of Sharon’s book.  As she describes each topic, Sharon keeps her language basic and to the point. In other words, you don’t have to worry about reading between the lines in order to find the solution to the problem you are addressing and dealing with. She provides a basic example of the problem and then gets right to the point of suggesting a solution to it.  I really like that at the end of each topic or chapter, Sharon gives a quick tip overview.  I can see myself making a quick grab for this book and flipping to the quick tips so that I can easily and more efficiently deal with a disastrous situation before it completely unravels! 

If you would like to purchase this book, you may do so by visiting the  Stop Reacting and Start Responding™  link on the Proactive Parenting™ site found here .  Sharon Silver also has a weekly Stop Reacting Start Responding Show  LIVE on every  Wednesday at 1pm EST/ 10 am PST .  As part of this review, I was given the opportunity to submit a question to Ms. Silver to be answered during her special live show on Wednesday, January 5th.  I found the show to be a fun learning experience! It was encouraging and relieving to hear other moms and parents asking questions and giving their own input along with Sharon on how to deal with different situations. If you ever need some parenting advice, I recommend stopping by during one of  her programs! 

With that, I shall bring this post to an end (otherwise I’d be here all day highlighting all of my favorite tips and suggestions!)  I hope you found this review to be helpful as you search for ways to shape and master your parenting skills!!

** Please note — I am a participant in a Living My MoMent campaign for Proactive Parenting™ and have received the e-book Stop Reacting and Start Responding™ by Sharon Silver as part of my participation.

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