Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

I hope everyone is having a nice Hallween weekend!! In this post I’d like to share a little about the different Halloween activities we do in our home and in our community! I’d love to hear what kinds of traditions and activities you take part in! Feel free to leave a comment below, or if you have a blog and wrote a post about Halloween or pertaining to Halloween please share it with us and post your link below! 🙂

What kinds of Halloween activities do you take part in that have become a family tradition or that you are making into a tradition? Here are a few things we enjoy doing, some of which I’ve carried over from my own childhood!

* Decorating our house for Halloween! ~ When my brother and I were growing up, my Mom would have us help her decorate our house for Halloween — inside and out! She still carries on this tradition today for us kids, my cousin’s kids, and now her grandson. Outside, we string up tons of lights and huge plastic light-up lawn ornaments. This year, my little guy had the opportunity to help his “Nana” decorate. It was fun seeing him join in an activity that I’ve been doing with my mom ever since I was his age. Inside her house, she decorates with all kinds of handmade/handpainted knick-knacks, light up ornaments, and things. I’ve started this tradition in my home as well. We don’t have nearly as much as my Mom, but I take pride in knowing that I’m sharing something with my son that hopefully he’ll remember and enjoy for years to come!

*Carving pumpkins and Roasting the seeds ~ My Dad would always be in charge of helping my brother and I with carving out our pumpkins. We would either get them at the local farms or farm market, and sometimes when pressed for time, we’d get the pumpkins from the local grocery store. My brother and I would draw the faces we wanted on our pumpkins and my Dad would do his best to carve them out. We had the job of scooping out the insides. Then of course (when we could) we roasted the seeds w/ a little salt. This year “Grandpa” took our little guy to a local farm for a hay ride and pumpkin picking! It was definitely a fun time! We’re going to carve up the little guy’s pumpkins today!

*Making homemade Costumes ~ Most years we didn’t really feel the need to go out to the stores and buy a costume. Most of our costumes were either made by our Mom, or designed by ourselves with things we found around the house, maybe buying accessories at the store if needed. This year, we’re doing the same with our little guy. He’s been a huge Buzz fan ever since he saw the first 2 Toy Story movies (please note this is before the Toy Story 3 ever came out and all of the hype started).  However, due to budget allowances this year (as I’m sure is the case with a lot of families out there these days,) we weren’t about to pay $30 for a Buzz or a Woody costume he was only going to manage to wear for one Halloween. So…… time to implament Plan B. As stated before our son is a huge Toy Story fan, particularly Buzz. He’s managed to gain in his possession, a pair of Buzz pajamas that resemble Buzz’s uniform, a pair of light-up Buzz and Woody sneakers, and pretty much anything else Buzz related you could think of (within reason of course!).   So this year, he’s going to wear his Buzz pj’s as his outfit  with tons of layers underneath, and his sneakers for a little light action. To help his costume along, I bought some purple fabric for 99 cents and my husband made his son a hood like Buzz — yes, you read right, with all of my craftiness I  have issues using the sewing machine, so my husband taught me how to use our machine and he sewed up a hood for his son!   … Today, I’m going to make some Buzz Lightyear wings out of foam board I have leftover from an old project, making his outfit more complete. Total cost of my little guy’s Halloween costume : 99 cents!  The excitement on my little guy’s face  when he’s dressed up like his favorite Buzz — priceless!

*Halloween Media ~ What kind of stories, movies, and songs do you enjoy listening to at Halloween?  Every year since 4th grade, I read Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “Rip Van Winkle”. My husband brought home from his parents’ house  a record with these stories on it. We listened to it last night. I’m hoping one of these years we will purchase the Disney movie version of these stories. And of course, you can’t forget “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”! We are HUGE fans here! We have the record, the book, the dvd, and this year we purchased the board game! This is my son’s ultimate, favorite movie! And, let’s not forget one of my other favorite authors — Edgar Allan Poe. “The Tell Tale Heart” and “The Black Cat” are 2 of my favorites!

* And last but not least, the Halloween Entertainment! ~ We’ve started a new tradition of heading out to Danville, PA for their traditional Halloween Parade every Thursday before Halloween! It’s a great time for all involved! I’d like to thank my dear friend, Sara, for inviting us to hang out at her house and enjoy the fun!  My Mom owns and opporates a pet salon. This year she had dogs come in and get their pictures taken for Halloween, with part of the proceeds benefiting  a local animal rescue group. The shopping mall where my husband manages a retail store allows kids to come in their costumes to go trick-or-treating through the stores.  Many of the local communities have designated nights to have the kids trick-or-treat on. Our small town allowed trick-or-treaters to make their rounds last night and tonight. Tonight, we’ll be headed out to my parent’s house to go trick-or-treating around their development. The folks in that section of my hometown go all out with haunted house scenes in their yards and homes, music, sound effects, and just about anything else Halloween you can think of. Great stuff!!

Welp, that’s a little look into my Halloween, past and present. I’m excited that I get to share these memories with our son and enjoy making new ones with him!!  What do you do for and on Halloween? Please share!! 🙂  Happy Halloween!!!




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